I am Polly Gillespie and I recently learned that Whānau Āwhina Plunket relies on donations from humble people like you to keep their community services going.

Plunket told me how they are witnessing more and more families suffering with anxiety and struggling to cope with their parenting journey.

I feel a bit guilty that during the nineties I might have made being a working mum seem easier than it was. But the fact was, I was a mess. When I was a new mum I would have been completely bamboozled without the support of Plunket.

So many parents are calling PlunketLine looking for help – they are feeling extra stress around their job security, the health and wellbeing of their whānau, and are still feeling the impact from isolation.

Families today need to be assured they don’t have to do it ‘all’. They are not expected to do everything perfectly and that nobody does. All parents have good and bad days, and at times it can all feel too much.  So, it’s really important Plunket stays in touch with these families. Just having someone ask, ‘how are you doing?’ can mean so much.

Join Plunket and I by donating today – together, we can help whānau cope with the pressure of trying to be superheroes.

How you can donate

Donate online today using the form below.

Or please call 0800 205 555 or email supporters@plunket.org.nz


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